HUTER, directed by Prof. Simón will create a cellular map of the uterus

HUTER, a project directed by Prof. Carlos Simón. It aims to improve assisted reproduction treatments and reduce maternal and infant morbidity. Valencia, 14 January 2020. The INCLIVA Institute has promoted the international HUTER (Human Uterus Cell Atlas) project to create a cellular map of the human uterus. HUTER, directed by Prof. Carlos Simón, will provide a cell-by-cell view […]

A study coordinated by Dr. Carlos Simon links a low abundance of lactobacillus in the uterus with a poor reproductive outcomes

Research by IGENOMIX, a biotechnology company specializing in genetic research, entitled ‘Evidence that endometrial microbiota have an effect on implantation success or failure’, published internationally in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, confirms the existence of bacteria in the endometrium and associates a low presence of Lactobacillus in the uterus with a worse reproductive […]

ASRM awards Prof.Simon in recognition of his career in research

The research career of Professor Carlos Simón, Scientific Director of Igenomix and IVI, has been recognized during the opening ceremony of the 72nd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), held in Salt Lake City (Utah, USA), where he was presented with the ASRM Distinguished Researcher Award, an honorary award which has […]

First 30 hours, key to knowing whether a human embryo will be chromosomally normal

Prof. Carlos Simon, Scientific Director at Igenomix, is one of the researchers taking part in this study. Scientists from Igenomix, University of Valencia, Stanford University and Oregon Health & Science University (OSHU) have discovered that it is possible to predict if a human embryo is going to be chromosomally normal or abnormal within the first […]

MitoScore: Mitochondrial biomarker developed by Igenomix will increase implantation rate of in vitro fertilization

One of the great challenges of in vitro fertilization techniques is to be able to guarantee the viability of the transferred embryos to be implanted into the maternal uterus and be able to give birth to a healthy baby. Taking into account that the mitochondria are responsible for providing most of the energy necessary for […]

Scientific Director of Igenomix, Carlos Simon, receives KY Cha Award for investigation into cellular reprogramming

Igenomix presents an advance in non-invasive embryonic selection with an award-winning research which aims to generate sperm and egg cells by reprogramming skin cells. The research Direct conversion of human somatic cells to meiotic germ-like cells by genetic reprogramming, with the aim of creating sperm and egg cells from patients lacking them by reprogramming the […]