“Integrity, determination, and altruism”


Dr. Simón’s primary interest is the study of human embryo implantation, a mechanism that is crucial for the continuity of our species yet also inefficient, often resulting in infertility.

Carlos Simón MD, Ph.D.

Dr. Simón is a reproductive endocrinologist with a lengthy career as a physician-scientist.

Among the world’s leading experts in reproductive biology, especially in human implantation, Carlos Simón’s research emphasizes cross-communication between the tissues and the embryo and the role of endometrial stem cells in reproduction.

His commitment to excellence in research is demonstrated by the publication of over 500 papers (PubMed) in peer-reviewed journals. His papers have received around 50,000 citations, and he has a Google Scholar H-index of 129. He has edited 21 books in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and supervised 40 Ph.D. theses. Several scientific societies and institutions have awarded his research, including the Rey Jaime I Medical Research Award in 2011, the ASRM Distinguished Research Award in 2016, the Lilly Foundation Biomedical Research Award in 2021, and the Royal National Academy of Medicine of Spain’s Translational Medical Research Award in 2023.

Carlos Simon in the lab