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In relation to what has been set out in former paragraphs, we ask the User to carefully read our Privacy Policy about precautions on Personal Data Protection. As they are included on the Site, they form part of the Browsing Conditions which govern their use.

1) The User’s obligations and responsibilities in relation to the Site.

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2) Statements and Warranties. Limitation of Responsibility.

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The User agrees that, as far as the applicable legislation allows, IGENOMIX shall not be held responsible in any way for:

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    The only obligation and responsibility that IGENOMIX has in relation to the contents on the Site consist in eliminating from the Site as soon as possible the information, statements or any contents or services that are not correct or to replace them with the correct information, statements, contents or services.
    Provided the obligations set out in the previous paragraph are met, IGENOMIX, it managers, its employees, the organisations associated with IGENOMIX or its partners shall not be held responsible for any damage or harm which the User could be liable for as a result of using or accessing, or of the lack of use or access, of the Site or of any other which can be accessed by the hyperlinks on the Site, or of any harm or damage of any kind as a result of accessing or using the contents or services.