Dr. Carlos Simon will be featured in upcoming ARTE channel documentary.

Carlos Simon in the lab

Dr. Carlos Simon, Chief Scientific Officer at IGENOMIX, was pleased to welcome French filmmakers from Scientifilms and to participate alongside his team in the filming of the documentary “Choosing the child I want”. This documentary will be broadcast shortly in the cultural Franco-German channel ARTE.   Follow IGENOMIX in social networks: “Twitter” “Linkedin”

Prof. Carlos Simon in the 3rd Biomarker Meeting

The 3rd Biomarker Meeting

Professor Carlos Simon took part in the 3rd Biomarker Meeting in Personalized Reproductive Medicine which took place from April 7th – 9th in Valencia, Spain. The main topic addressed during the Meeting was the assessment of ovarian reserve, gametes, embryos, endometrium and pregnancy in health and disease.     Carlos Simón, MD, PhD, participated in different sessions: 1. […]

Professor Carlos Simon features in the online video series “La Carrera Especial”

Professor Carlos Simon features in an online video, part of the series “La Carrera Especial” created by Spanish national newspaper El País, which covers 20 cities around the world spending 48 hours with leading professionals in their respective fields. This online video series aims to help students choose a career, by taking them on a trip to […]

Professor Carlos Simon, speaker and moderator at the SRI 2016

Professor Carlos Simon will be a speaker and moderator at the forthcoming “63 Annual Scientific Meeting” to be held from the 16th to 19th of March 2016 in Montreal, Canada.   The awards that two members of his team have received are:   Nuria Balaguer, PhD. Maternal Endometrial has-miR-30d Is Internalized and Secreted in Exosomes […]

Prof. Carlos Simon, Co-Chairman at the upcoming 3rd Biomarker Meeting

Palacio de Congresos Valencia

Professor Carlos Simon will be Co-Chairman in the upcoming 3rd Biomarker Meeting in Personalized Reproductive Medicine which will take place next April 7th – 9th in Valencia, Spain.   He will also take part in the ENDOMETRIAL RECEPTIVITY ARRAY workshop, alongside reproductive genetic experts from IGENOMIX, company where he is Chief Scientific Officer.   ENDOMETRIAL RECEPTIVITY ARRAY: Prof. Carlos […]

Dr. Carlos Simon welcomes at IGENOMIX British TV channel, BBC

Dr. Carlos Simón, Chief Scientific Officer at IGENOMIX, had the great pleasure to welcome British TV channel BBC, for an interview alongside his team which will feature in an upcoming IVF documentary for BBC One. The One Show host, Alex Jones, shared on Twitter and Instagram her experience in the filming with Dr. Carlos Simon.   “Twitter”   […]

Prof. Carlos Simon takes part in the Upper Egypt Assisted Reproduction Symposium

  Prof. Carlos Simon will take part in the Upper Egypt Assisted Reproduction Symposium located at the Marriott Zamalek Hotel in Cairo, Egypt, from 4th to 5th February 2016.   Don’t miss the chance to listen to: Dr. Carlos Simón Dr. Carmen Rubio Embryology and Genetics Workshop Workshop 2 “New Technologies that Improve Success Rates and […]

Igenomix’s Scientific Director participates in Fertility & Sterility’s Journal Club Live

Igenomix Team

Carlos Simon MD, PhD, Scientific Director of Igenomix, and Product Development Manager Antonio Diez, PhD, took part in Fertility & Sterility’s November 2015 Journal Club Live where they discussed Igenomix’s study published in Fertility & Sterility as a SEMINAL CONTRIBUTION in the September 2015 issue “Mitochondrial DNA content as a viability score in human euploid embryos: Less is better1 […]