Innovations in Reproductive Medicine 2030 (RM2030): Technologies in IVF

  • The Carlos Simon Foundation & IVF-Worldwide are pleased to announce a new initiative: The 1st Congress on Innovations in Reproductive Medicine 2030 (RM2030).
  • This event will take place on November 16-18, 2023. Paris, France & online.

RM2030 PosterThe guiding principle of the 1st RM2030 Series is to encourage communication and discussion of ideas at the forefront in bench-to-bedside application to improve results and patient care access in our field by bringing together the most outstanding clinicians, scientists, translators, and visionaries in the field organizing ample time for discussion with carefully selected discussion leaders.

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Confirmed Faculty:
Charles Bormann, USA
Antonio Capalbo, Italy
Bart Fauser, The Netherlands
David Gardner, Australia
Luca Gianaroli, Italy
Linda Giudice, USA
Juan Carlos Izpisua, USA
Inmaculada Moreno, Spain
Craig Niederberger, USA
Helen O’Neill, UK
Kyle Orwig, USA

Daniel Ramon, Spain
Jacques Ravel, USA
Laura Rienzi, Italy
Carmen Rubio, Spain
Denny Sakkas, USA
Xavier Santamaria, Spain
Zeev Shoham, Israel
Carlos Simon, Spain
Hugo Vankelecom, Belgium
Felipe Vilella, Spain
Dagan Wells, UK