Carlos Simon, MD, PhD, Fund for Excellence in Translational Research Award

Carlos Simón Fund for Excellence in Translational Research Award

  • The Carlos Simon Foundation and The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) are pleased to announce the creation of a new award – the “Carlos Simon, MD, Ph.D., Fund for Excellence in Translational Research Award”
  • The winner will receive a cash prize and recognition at the ASRM Congress, which includes a presentation at the symposium, registration for the Congress, and travel assistance


The Carlos Simon Foundation is deeply committed to advancing the field of reproductive medicine through innovative research and development. Our foundation firmly believes in the power of translational research, which seeks to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and clinical application; this belief motivated us to gift $1,000,000 to the ASRM for the creation of this fund.

This award aims to recognize and support a mid-level or senior-level investigator with a strong history of translating research discoveries from bench to bedside to immediately impact patient care. We believe that honoring these individuals and promoting their work will help to inspire future generations of scientists and clinicians to pursue translational research in reproductive medicine.


“While reproductive medicine has provided exciting scientific breakthroughs, the often long delays between discovery and patient care represent a significant problem. My hope is that the establishment of this award will help to bridge this gap.”

Prof. Simon